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    Not really. A good programmer will not reinvent the wheel.
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    As always: it depends.
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    I mean it depends, but most of the time you don't wanna redo something that's already been done well
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    Copying -> upgrading -> reinventing is one of the reason we as a species progressed.

    Basically, competition moves us forward.
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    @myss Disagree and depends. Do you think, that devs working on React, Angular or Vue are bad programmers? These are not the first JS frameworks we had.
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    @yehaaw While one might argue they're not and that each of those frameworks added some significant functionality or pattern which enabled for more productive development, I will just add - JS community itself was always prone to reinventing the wheel.
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    @myss Ok, so you code with Fortan then? I guess other programming languages are just uselessly reinventing the wheel?
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    There is a difference between creating a framework which encourages some design pattern while providing a whole toolset of useful features in a modern way and creating something as like isOdd.js (and having a community which encourages this by downloading it 1.5m per month)
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