Is anyone ever "hacking" anything at a hackathon these days?

Seems more like "building 40% of a CRUD app really fast!"

(but maybe I'm seeing the wrong hackathons)

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    Sometimes isn't even building it but having a great speaker to pitch your idea
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    You ain't hacking. They just like using the lingo that's down with da kidz, yo.
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    It can come close to the original meaning of hacking and hack. Before it became a term for digital breaking and entering.

    It used to be about being really knowledgeable and beans able to use something in a clever way like it wasn't intended.
    For instance NAT can be considered a hack. Ports where designed to connect to many applications on a single IP. With NAT ports used to route traffic to many (internal) IP addresses. This is an awesome hack. The term hacky though is always negative and implies bad/dirty solution or workaround.
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    Hardware hacks are the coolest but when it’s 2 hours till deadline and your project is being held by duct tape and blue tack, that’s what separates the grown ups from the babies
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    @raze That's why we always had 2 parts comitee. Public part judging the presentation and the idea, and unannounced technical, checking team repos and implementation periodically and assigning own marks.

    When a team aced a presentation, but lacked even a basic ducktaped prototype, the loss of votes from technical judges dragged them down sufficiently.

    Implementing D2.1 voting system, which allows for negative points helps too.
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    @raze So...it's Shark Tank: Geek Edition?
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    @qwwerty You have public part judging but no private part judging?

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