Just noticed that the Firefox mobile browser plays YouTube video in the background.

I am curious... Bug or feature

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    I noticed too. I take it as a feature.
    (If i find out that you report this in the firefox bug tracker i will make every one of your open source/community projects a living hell and will do my best to hold off future employers from employing you in any way. Okay? :) )
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    @darksideplease oh I wouldn't at the moment I am enjoying the devRant podcast while browsing devRant...
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    I think the youtube app charges you for that "feature."
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    @darksideplease relevant username is relevant
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    I think it's a bug because it doesn't display "pause/play" buttons in notification center or lock screen. So it's technically a bug but a feature for us.
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    Actually,if u have an IPhone,the safari browser also does it.
    After you exit from the browser,the music does stop,but swiping up will give you a player where you can pause and play and control.
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    Is there any addon that enables media control from the notification bar?
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    Thanks for letting me know. I am going to cancel my subscription to spotify now, since I can listen to music while the screen is off. Please dont "fix" it firefox.
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    @rusty-hacker backup the app before they do!
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    @J4s0n i am glad. I actually looked at the firefox bug tracker and it seems that many different people already reported it as bug, it got acknowledged as bug, but nobody fixes it because nobody has time. thanks to improper financing we have a "feature" which is really useful.
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