Any suggestions to work on coding (php/sql atm) during downtime while at work? I've been learning css and js (front/back) for a year while unemployed. Just got IT call centre job in highly monitored corporate environment. Have potential side programming job but need more practice.

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    Ever thought of creating your own framework? Nearly every PHP dev (myself included) has one. Great practice and helps you understand design decisions in other frameworks a lot better.
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    @Grom That makes a lot of sense. Although, I struggle a bit with computational flow. JavaScript seemed straight forward in is flow. PHP talking to SQL is different. I wanted to set a last login date and I am still trying to work out how to set a variable from sql request BEFORE updating it.
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    Explain the value to management. Otherwise, you could get in trouble.
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    @SoNiKBooM im not entirely sure i get your question, but the voice in the back of my head tells me youre looking for "prepared statements" try googling that, hope it helps you out! :)
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