Wow! Gitlab! Great!

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    What did you pushed? All your pron??
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    @gdb123 i pushed nothing, it was directly after gitlab was off for half an hour or so. Our whole repo is not more than 60Mb, so...
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    Clean your screen man smh
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    @sirjofri How come you didn't push anything it says `git push` if there was nothing to push it would have Said `All up to date` or similar
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    @jpichardo that's the screen of a friend, I'm working on a project with him. The commit was about a few bytes, I guess, so space should not be a problem. It was a bug in gitlab after they deployed their new version.
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    @sirjofri haha I know it was a bug, a push of more than 80tb that would be insane

    PS I like to mess around with people.
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