Marketing: it's not working...

Me: *fixes bug and pushes changes in less than 5 mins*

Me: Well it's working for me

Marketing: strange... it wasn't working 5 minutes ago...

I love their faces of confusion haha

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    Blame theire machine 😂
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    I have done the same early in the products lifetime sometimes while they where in the phone.

    Back then it was an asp/vbscript application so you could make changes directly on the server.

    And since the application was just a year old there where lots of easy to fix edge cases to fix.

    Later it got harder unless it was just a data error in the db
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    The disadvantage is that it lowers the trust in your product when it seems to have failed for no reason. It creates the impression that you have non-reproducible bugs, and these are the worst.

    That's why you should say that you fixed it.
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    @Fast-Nop exactly why I no longer does it :)
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    As @Fast-nop points out. It may make you feel smug at the time, but it's an incredibly rookie error
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    This has gotten people fired before. Don't do this.
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    It's funny how everyone in the comments are like "you crazy don't do this" yet it's getting so many likes. As if everyone who does this is too embarrassed to comment 😂

    Yeah I know it's a very bad idea, but I was so fucking tired that day I just wanted a laugh
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    @eo2875 every one would like to do it ;)

    But not every one can or will do it.
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    Ask them if they were clicking or double clicking?
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    Hahaha it is the only thing they deserve
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    I used to do this.
    We have a saying that roughly translates to
    - For things to work, you need to be willing to work.
    I always said that to their face, and it sounds much better in my language, but this will work too.
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