Who the fuck need to work on Sunday, arghh

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    1. One who fucks up and has to pay for it
    2. One who is passionate enough to not consider it as Work
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    3) the fucker still working since Friday to deliver that monstrosity of a deployment.
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    The one who just want to chill on his mondays.
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    I am sleeping. Give me my t-shirt back
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    4) thosee wo have to work or the critical resource they manage stops to work(power, water,...)
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    I do, on a lot of weekends actually. But if I do i take Monday and Tuesday off.
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    @AleCx04 We need more holidays including that of Sunday
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    When the other Shit head dev decides to deploy directly to the production on friday. Can't wait till quarantine ends so I could punch him in the face.
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    Of course I do. Coz I love to Code daily !
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    I probably should but I don't think I'm going to
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    Weekends are the best days for work - less noise and distractions.
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    I just finished..going to sleep
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