! Rant.
Lots of hate towards WordPress, which I understand as I avoided using it for years, but what is your preferred alternative.
To qualify, the alternative must have:
-An 'as good', simple post/page administration interface
- similar abilities regarding shop/blog and payment solutions
have the ability to integrate these features for a reasonably proficient developer.

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    Or just make your own, which isn't hard if you're a proficient dev
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    @ScribeOfGoD I guess it's not that technically difficult, but it's hugely time consuming.
    I'm a one man business and I do a lot of hand coded stuff, opencart stores and a few with couchcms.
    I'd starve by the time I produced a workable, easy to use CMS with shop and payment integration lol
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    Django CMS
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    Joomla is an option, but personally I'd suggest just using Wordpress. If you really need to you can change the editor dynamics to suit you, or alternatively go somewhere like theme forest and buy a something like divi that reworks the entire interface.
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    @minij0ker yeah I've tried them all over the years.
    Honestly just wondering if there's a pleasant alternative to WP, just bored of stripping out all the crap lol
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    @biscuit honestly I say Wordpress really does sound like your best option but if you are looking for something simple with next to no development required give Shopify a try they have a really nice platform. Your best option is still WP due to the extensive plugin support
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    @minij0ker yeah made lots of WP for clients, was just hoping to find a little nugget of gold I'd not come across yet tbh
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    I like Sulu (sulu.io), as it has a nice backend, is multilanguage by default and brings the full power of Symfony!
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