We all get replaced by AI and nobody can understand their source code...

And everyone else just goes: hey it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    I don’t worry about AI taking my job.

    Sure a machine could learn to code...

    But divining a combination of business needs, designs, cloud architecture docs, connectivity docs, code requirements, and six fucking APIs into anything coherently useable is an act of creation practically on the level of god.

    And once the machines could do that, what use would us meatbags have?

    It’d be like the Matrix except instead of being batteries, the machines would just keep us alive to be perpetual end users...


    ... wait
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi true but that's not what the question asked :)

    I'm just feeling super pissed off today... So world apocalypse was the first thing that came to mind when I read the question.
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    @donuts I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
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    So it will be like now. But instead of
    unreadable code made by humans we get
    unreadable code made by machines?
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    I see you started using ML classifiers?
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    Ever since I started doing some AI myself It made me feel like it's incredibly dumb and stupid and will probably take decades and completely new technologies to ever replace a programmer or a designer...

    On the other hand stuff like GPT-3 and DALL-E scare the living fuck out of me because really deep deep DEEP nets can already replace some designers at least in the top business level... where getting a logo or new "business ad theme song" is literally a repetitive boring job for the most part, since everyone wants the same thing...

    Which brings me to another feeling I have regarding AI, which is that replacing the repetitive boring work also gives actually creative people more time to do the actual fun work...

    BUT if you take jobs from all the unskilled people that enjoy repetitive work because that's all they know to do.. then they'll flood the open creative jobs and leave us creative people without work as a consequence, be it due to diversity hiring or just random luck!
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    I could continue this chain of thought forever and all it would ever leave me to would be confusion and existential dread that I'm not sure is even coming or not...

    my logical side of the brain says "maybe, but unlikely"

    my longterm problem solving part says "Maybe you should learn something else just to be sure..."

    and I'm not getting any younger, now am I?

    So yeah, regarding AI I find it both fascinating and see the incredible potential it has to make my and others lifes so much better... and at the same time there's a looming threat of what might happen if I underestimate it's capabilities... because it has already surprised me several times and every new research that come with it just makes these feelings stronger
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    @donuts @HiFiWiFiSciFi

    AI will not replace developers any time soon.

    AI/robots replaces truckers, content writers, cashiers, burger flippers, cab drivers, asset artists, maybe even politicians (see Salesforce AI economist)

    Those people will then round up and murder all the developers.
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    Do you know the source code of your coworkers?

    Are you allowed to look inside and try to figure it out?

    Can your coworkers fly off the hook and cause a lot of damage?

    You're afraid of AI as if humans weren't much much worse in nearly all aspects.

    The only advantage we have is that your fellow human can't be much more intelligent than you, whereas for an AI the difference can be a lot and it's very hard to tell.
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    @homo-lorens I can read and understand the syntax at least...

    How good are you at reading binary...or qubits?
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    AI losing its marbles in support role. Memory leaks all over the place, trying to please everyone.. until the day that it snaps and kills us all.
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    @donuts Ah you mean the source code they write? I read it as the source code they are compiled from.
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    @homo-lorens but why would a AI need a compiler?

    To them that would be inefficient, unnecessary step.
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