Wtf. Why is using mail templates in nodejs so complicated in comparison to eg Laravel?!?! I have to install 3 packages with 20+ dependencies and setting it up is a hell -.- I'm losing my love for node since I got to know laravel

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    Today I had to implement file saving for sessions in node. After I installed two packages, I encountered a bug on Windows, something with renaming files. After I read some issues on GitHub, I found out that this bug was discovered only 4 days ago and nobody had any clue about a solving.

    And in Laravel we only need to specify in config, which session provider do we want to use and we are done.
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    @utwo I used to love node but I don't get it anymore... it's making things over complicated when it doesn't have to sometimes. Feel your pain
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    @skankhunt42 yap, same here... Check out Adonis js, maybe this day will be a little better after that :D
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