I don't think I'm the intended one. I don't have clearance level 100.

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    It says it's not possible to receive it by mistake.
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    Follow the white rabbit... Rabbit.
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    LOL. They sure think highly of themselves at this company. "We don't make mistakes" usually translates to "The mere existence of this company was a byproduct of a mistake made by another company... which made mistakes"
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    You have HTML enabled. So you probably are the one they where looking for...
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    "To retrieve this message, simply click where it says 'click here' below and click 'Click to read message' button"

    Just... wow!

    Scammer level 90.
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    Ask if his a Nigerian prince if he says otherwise then do not trust it
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    @Oktokolo this didn't even reach my inbox. Outlook quarantined the mail.
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    If you are using Outlook, you definitely are the one they tried to reach though.
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