Outsourcing front-end for web is like playing russian roulette, but with 6 bullets in 6 chambers.
You shoot yourself in the balls (or ovaries)... HARD.

I don't know how you can develop in a complete nightmare of a SCSS file - 3500 lines of insanity.
This dev must have changed his mousewheel at least 50 times!
SERIOUSLY, why the fuck use SCSS when you piss everything into one single fucking file???
What drives me completely nuts is the fact that he even used an @import to include his custom.scss file... how many more IQ poins are needed to realize that you could SPLIT your spaghetti into smaller, sane files?

I need a whiskey...

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    Outsourcing anything is a roll of the dice.

    If they're not working with you directly, shit is gonna happen.
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    Fuck I hate my life, I'm gonna blow my brains out.......HARD
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    I've hammered out 2000 lines of css in a night,definitely. Use root variables, code folding, command +mouse wheel to zoom in/out jack up the scroll sensitivity hahaha
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