Okay, fuck it. I'm going to buy $20 worth of every penny crypto currency until one of them explodes making me a millionaire

This is big brain time

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    Sounds like not a worst idea 🤷‍♂️

    Someone have told "invest as much as you are not afraid to loose"
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    Jokes aside this is actually a genius idea... What do I have to lose? Sure I may have hundreds or thousands bound up in crypto but I can just cash out when I need to. Because what's the chance that all of them will crash the same time? At worst I'm going to lose $40 if two happen crash to zero simultaneously and come on, is that really gonna happen?
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    “How to handle millions of money”
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    You got a point, imagine if I were invested $20 worth of bitcoin back in 2015, how much would I got now right?
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    Wouldn't that cost you like $100,000...

    There is rather a lot of them..
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    One in case no ones heard of it:

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    Don't forget the password to your wallet
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    *devranter discovers portfolio diversification"
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    @junon you smartass, I like you
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    On the second thought it will probably yield little to no gain.

    Bitcoin bubble already have happened and everyone who wanted to participate in inflation bandwagon is already in Bitcoin. Other cryptos don't have such value and are not interesting for anyone to inflate it, also because people generally lost the ave of cryptos as they are not and probably never will be a replacement for fiat money. In a nutshell, the probability of yet another Bitcoin bubble is near to zero.
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    A week later and Dogecoin exploded... well fuck me i guess. Should've bought
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