Stupid pipeline bullshit.

Yeah i get it, it speeds up development/deployment time, but debugging this shit with secret variables/generated config and only viewable inside kubernetes after everything has been entered into the helm charts through Key Vaults in the pipeline just to see the docker image fail with "no such file found" or similar errors...

This means, a new commit, a new commit message, waiting for the docker build and push to finish, waiting for the release pipeline to trigger, a new helm chart release, waiting for kubernetes deployment and taking a look at the logs...

And another error which shouldn't happen.

Docker, fixes "it runs on my machine"
Kubernetes, fixes "it runs on my docker image"
Helm, fixes "it runs in my kubernetes cluster"

Why is this stuff always so unnecessarily hard to debug?!

I sure hope the devs appreciate my struggle with this... well guess what, they won't.

Anyways, weekend is near and my last day in this company is only four months away.

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    I was streaming development last night's on twitch and it took me a good 5 commits to trigger a working build in bitbucket pipelines -- with a config file I've used before. This is definitely a real issue.
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    I usually `git reset --soft` and then commit again or squash after all those useless commits
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