Lookd like MySQL is deprecated in 2021😨😂😂

Now it's all about

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    You're about 5 years out of date.

    Node's popularity peaked around 2015 and has been trailing since. Mongo is... alright, but not the utopian replacement for relational databases that everyone thinks it is. And the Javascript framework is whatever the latest fad happens to be at this particular moment in time - which certainly isn't Angular anymore 🙃
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    Nowadays you develop FUCK.

    Fast unfinished code kerfuffle.
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    No, just because its not listed among startups does not mean its deprecated, it means its main stream enough to not warrant mentioning.

    Its not the hottest choice but its probably one of h the most common in most web hostings.

    Sure there are nosql databases but having used more than a dozen different database types over the years I can easily claim that sql is among the most versatile.

    Its not the best in many areas but no other type is better in enough areas to be a generic choice, they all have some really bad areas where they either do not work at all, are exceedingly slow or extremely difficult to use efficiently.

    Sure, google uses their latest iteration of big table for most uses, but they solve that with massive hardware that it utterly impractical for smaller sites.

    So unless your going with a multi db solution or know exactly what your needs are, or have very small data requirements where you could probably go with flat files, I would start of with an sql, and the main reason I would avoid mysql is that its oracle, not for technical reasons.

    Its mostly good enough.
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    According to db-engines.com MySQL is the 2nd most popular DBMS.
    I dont think its going anywhere soon.

    (Mongo is #5)
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