> new job, receive new pc
> everything looks cool, but they didn't go with Windows's setup
> it pops up now
> whatever, let's make windows happy
> No I don't want Edge
> No I don't want Office
> No I don't want OneDrive
> Windows move everything inside onedrive folder anyway
> have a heart attack when all of my fucking codebase disappeared

Luckily it was just moved (didn't know where, though), but wtf Windows, if I wanted to deal with these antics I'd buy Apple. I'm sticking with Windows precisely to avoid these strange unmotivamed fuckeries, why are you doing this to me

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    Did you hear about our Lord an saviour, Linux?

    Still each system has own problems
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    @Omnisus I did, and I chose not to use it. I understand why people usually stick to Linux but to work I personally find working with Windows so much easier. Coding itself is a bit harder 'cause no apt-get and all, BUT everything else is so smooth. Every program I can possibly think of, outside of strict coding, works in Windows. For example, sometimes I need to quickly edit an image. For memes, for quickly editing screenshots, whatever. To do that I use Paint.NET -which is NOT Paint-; much faster to load than GIMP, and the guy who designed the GUI wasn't drunk.

    Ok, there's wine, but why would I want to run a Windows emulator if so much of my workflow is on windows? You reach a point where you just go windows and take some linux emulator where you need it.
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    @IHateForALiving Every solution has it's own flaws. I hate stupid updates from Windows, spoon-feeding with it's own solutions (edge, one drive), lack of repository and resolving problems looks a bit tricker on Windows.

    But still when you have linux and want to use any piece of software there is no guarante that it will have linux version or will work with wine (wine is not emulator btw) and I feel like gimp just loads faster on linux.
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    @IHateForALiving you thought about it and made a conscious choice. That's all one can do!

    There are quite a few things I like about win10 but more and more things I really hate. I'm one of those Arch Linux people and yeah there are plenty of image manipulation programs that are a lot like paint.net. But it will take time and you have that with all use cases and tools. Stick with Windows until it really becomes unbearable and worth the switch.
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    You might like Apple because dispite of what you seem to be assuming, it saves you from that exact bullshit, that you have to deal with using Windows.
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    I'm a linux fan myself and and still I'd say use windows if it suits you but good luck if and when you start using docker...
    I might be wrong but from what I've seen it's so extremely slow it's unusable...
    If anyone has some solutions for that I'd be glad to hear them :)
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    @zankar have u heard of lord and saviour wsl2?
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    @notSoCoolGuy I have not. Added to list of things to check out.
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    @zankar @notSoCoolGuy damn... Right after reading your comment and then googling the acronym I realized its windows subsystem for linux 😁😁
    Yes i have heard of it and used it a little.
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    @zankar make sure you use wsl2 not 1. Also I heard that docker desktop using wsl2 as backend is pretty faster than regular one.
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    @notSoCoolGuy I'll be sure to give it a try once an opportunity comes up. For now I'm sticking to the penguin world.
    Anyway thanks for the tip 👍
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    hate to break it to you, Windows is just like Apple.

    onedrive or iCloud, it's the same evil just a different flavor.

    made the jump to Linux years ago because I saw where Windows was going.

    Just don't get upset when you have to pay a monthly subscription to access your device in another year or two.
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