That time when you search for a bug and find same question at StackOverflow, GitHub and Quora...

All from the same person, and all with no answer.. 😓🐜

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    You are fucked. The End!
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    And that the person is you a year ago.
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    @wodCZ hahaha, yeah.. almost that
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    @dscastro Right in the feels, I was in that situation way too many times.
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    Most times this has happened to me, I've learnt that I'm doing something the wrong way.
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    What's even worse than that is when you end up unintentionally visiting one of those fucking index sites that parses the question and it's replies from stack overflow and just re renders it, tempers flare very quickly at that point
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    @DLMousey Ohh yes, those are brutally annoying or when someone fixed the same bug you are experiencing and they just say:

    "Thank you people, it was neither of these answers, I just solved it"

    With out explaining how the fuck he or she did it... That's even more frustrating
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