That time when you search for a bug and find same question at StackOverflow, GitHub and Quora...

All from the same person, and all with no answer.. 😓🐜

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    You are fucked. The End!
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    And that the person is you a year ago.
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    @wodCZ hahaha, yeah.. almost that
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    @dscastro Right in the feels, I was in that situation way too many times.
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    Most times this has happened to me, I've learnt that I'm doing something the wrong way.
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    @DLMousey Ohh yes, those are brutally annoying or when someone fixed the same bug you are experiencing and they just say:

    "Thank you people, it was neither of these answers, I just solved it"

    With out explaining how the fuck he or she did it... That's even more frustrating
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