If SHE asks you out for a DATE
Don't say this, please 😂😛💙

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    still better than a german date
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    ISO8601 ftw
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    YYYY/MM/DD ensures compatibility with murica.
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    Use timestamp to get laid
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    IMHO, I wouldn't date someone using another format than ISO8601. Let's have some standards !
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    dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss
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    Die single? I just call onNext after onError. B•)
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    I bet she stormed off because he didn't say ISO 8601
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    It is his mug. He is helping her with a "computer problem". She is the one hoarding the two Red Bull (but will probably never actually drink them)...
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    I feel like the point of this one has been missed a bit... pretty sure it's because he gave the wrong date format 🙃
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    No please...Y-m-d H:i:s thank you.
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