I read once "productivity is elimination of distractions" or something like that.
And honestly, it has worked so far.

Motivation is even better tho. But if I'm really unmotivated, or anxious, I subconsciously create distractions; then I have to deal with me inner child. Point is, motivation has a direct line to productivity, so I usually don't do what I can't bring yourself to do.

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    Take exams for example. I don't enjoy studying for them, but it I can find the reasons for it (aka motivation) then I'll sit my ass down, turn off my phone, log out of distracting apps, and get working.
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    I feel like when I'm motivated, I have to even force myself to get distracted. I tell myself "okay, 3 hours of work deserve 1 episode of that series..." but 10 minutes in I figure out the problem I was doing, open up the editor and start at it again... yeah, motivation's the best
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