I might lose my Job. Thanks to Central Bank of Nigeria's shenanigans, a promising FinTech startup might be about to go under.

Last month I got married, last month I got a raise. This morning, got told I'm being put on compulsory leave without pay (same as everyone).

Expecting no salary this month. I guess I'll be fine with some Laravel/Flutter freelancing.

Now, how to break the news to my wife. She knows I love my job, she's gonna be even more heartbroken/worried than I am. We were supposed to move to a bigger apartment next month when yearly rent here is due.

I guess we'll be alright. It is what it is.

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    Sorry to hear that, and good luck for the future.
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    We are blessed with a good job market, even in these times. If not so where you live, look to work remote globally.
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    Oh man! That must suck. Power to you man!
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    That sucks ass man. Hope you manage to get some freelance while you need it
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    I might have some work to delegate. PM me
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    That's sucks man. Pisses me off how govt can just wake up with a policy and screw everyone over. It has happened times without number in Nigeria's tech space. Gokada and co comes to mind. Keep the spirits up bro, you will get something better soon.
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    @iceman Wow. Aiit. How do I reach you?
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    @elfico My brother, Na so we see am o. That's what happens when regulators and policy makers know next to nothing about the state and realities of the industry they are supposed to be regulating.

    Apparently, Crypto is also making the Naira useless and valueless and the only move is to ban it. (According to our dunderhead senators)
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