Link three table in a query


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    The `user` table's connected to the `company` table, the `company` table's connected to the `order` table, the `order` table is connected to the `user` table and they all DROP down!

    10 points if you sang it 🥳
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    @C0D4 what do you mean by they all drop down?
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    # DROP TABLE `tableName`;

    Is about as close to the punch line as I could think off.
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    @C0D4 drop, drop, drop that table.
    Cascade down it will.
    Trickles down a trigger, which drops another table.
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    So you never wrote a multipage query?
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    @Frederick who needs a prepared selfDestruct when you have a query.php that accepts ?q={execute this}

    Apparently some people don't see the issue with this, I blame @NoMad for those people 😏
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    Pre-joined live views save souls and compute
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