Thank you, senior developer!

Thanks for offering to help me when I said haven’t slept at all tonight.

Thanks for having a pair programming session with me when I said I would have trouble finishing todays tasks that the customer was expecting.

Thanks for being understanding and explaining, instead of just staying quiet and do everything yourself, when I couldn’t understand even simple solutions with my sluggish brain.

Thanks for making sure I understood what tasks needed to be done and how to do them before you resumed to your own.

Thanks for caring, and telling me I did good work even though I wasn’t my sharpest today!

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    You're welcome
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    @craig939393 Damn, you beat me to taking the credit 😁
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    @craig939393 thanks for replying on my behalf. I was busy doing all the things stated in the rant above to another employee.
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    I'd like to think I am like that. I still rant a lot about how incompetent my subordinates are. They annoy me but I still love them 🙃
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