Watched a co-worker configure a new "MacBook pro" as a replacement for the four-year-old one this personcurrently has. A replacement machine is justified as the old one is on the fritz... Naturally because MacBooks aren't any better than any other machine, build quality or otherwise. I still cannot fathom why anyone would even consider budgeting over $3000 for a single machine, only to then buy several adapters just to make the thing work.

Apple is off the deep end. People who fall for that BS are off the deep end.

I feel like showing the manager several alternative models at half the price just to make the point that MacBooks are a pointless waste of money.

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    Waiting for the Apple fanboys to chime in on this one. 🍿
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    Sounds about right.

    Last week I ran a benchmark on my Thinkpad and it came pretty close to the Macbook Pro 15''s score. Which starts at double the price.

    I can see that Apple's build quality is nice, but considering the price it's not worth it imho, especially including all the problems with the new models.
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    To be fair, the fact that Apple completely controls the software and hardware of their computers, they can ensure synergy which is definely valuable.

    I do not believe this justifys their cost though... I love my Mac still, and do think it will last me longer than an equivalent PC
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    Linux user here but it's the support and the ecosystem. Many (most?) Popular UNIX tools are available but shit like mirroring displays and DPI scaling actually work.

    I tried Mac recently but am too stubborn to relearn a lot of text manipulation movements. So DPI struggles till then.

    Price isn't an issue. If it's $1.5k more but improves your productivity by a few percent then its worth the expense.
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