Visual Studio suggested me to install some extension. I accept.


Now Visual Studio want to know IF I AM A MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE.

I'm not your fucking employee but you can as well pay me since I'm using your crap.

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    VS and VS Code are awesome.
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    @aviophile VS Code is awesome

    Visual Studio is a flaming pile of dog shit
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    @10Dev sounds like you installed every possible workload
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    Say "yes" to employee question.

    The next question is "Are you Bill or Steve?"
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    The correct spelling is Bisual Studio
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    I really laughed out loud. Thanks padron
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    @eo2875 it's probably why the logo looks like bifocals.

    Wouldn't touch C# without it though. Trying to get it to work in VSCode is just not worth it.
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    @10Dev maybe 5 to 10 years ago?

    Other than its subpar git integration, I really love it for building windows applications in C#.

    Also, community edition is free, and it offers all the essentials.
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    @jkommeren then, what do you use now?
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    @willcandy VS2019 😅 visual studio used to be expensive, slow, etc.

    These days it's a lot better! Honestly think it makes programming in c# a breeze.
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    Visual Studio is the best ide ever, visual studio code is quite good too
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    what gets me is how every time i log into teams into workspace of my client, it goes "company owning the workspace wants full remote admin control of your machine", with allow being the big default button. almost clicked it by accident about 3 times, but so far i always stop myself with "wait, what? no! fuck you!", and click the tiny hyperlink-styled no at the bottom.

    (i'm a freelance subcontractor)
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    @Midnight-shcode that's a quite strange rule set from the company... Don't see how vs is related
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    @dontbeevil the rule is ok, it assumes most of the teams members will be employees of the company using company hardware, what's weird is that:
    a) ms teams has the ability to somehow make it happen
    b) it's optional which partially defeats the purpose of a
    c) the screen is laid out to trick people into agreeing which defeats the point of b

    it has nothing to do with vs, but it's on the same topic of software weirdly trying to hijack your stuff in the name of some company that it decided/assumed you are owned by.
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