Times are so different. Especially don't shoot the messenger. Ha, fuck that. Shoot him on sight. That dude can think for himself if it's OK to deliver the message right?

Sadly, the messengers are protected by 'freedom to speech'. More like 'freedom to propaganda' these days.

This is not only dev related. It's 42 related

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    I don't know what you're trying to do but bashing freedom of speech ain't it chief
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    Eh? Dafuq?
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    This is a Wendy's
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    So what was the question?
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    @mansur85 hehe, no. The Netherlands. Why?
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    @aaronswart The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two
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    @retoor you know when I was overseas there were two directions one could take when approaching foreign intelligence

    Could tell the truth or put a big smile on your face and lie.

    The explanation was that only bad people know wtf is going on.

    That is total bullshit

    They don't try to blind people who are decent

    The people I approached were obviously corrupt if their response to someone being honest was denial and someone acting ignorant was acceptance

    Everyone saw dollar signs and listened to corrupt messages until they were influenced some time ago. What seems to be left is almost biblical

    The thousand years of darkness.
    A time of depravity which is past followed by fallout which basically left a trail of brainwashed idiots all working towards a set of goals which don't account for really learning anything
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