Poor specifications are the worst..
I developed an application for a client of the Company i work at.
Everything done according to what i was told, but since they cant keep/remember the specifications we agreed upon, i keep getting contacted about stuff that does not work. And everytime its because they changed something and is now not using the program as intended... anyone been in this situation?
i mean i account for the hours spent modifying, but it pisses me off..

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    use jira to track bugs, issues and feature requests. this way you can point out when they change their minds back and forth all the time.
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    @kargaroth yeah, thing is they are so tech handicapped they wont understand that either,
    They keep doing this and i keep pointing out to them why, and what they are doing wrong. I think they should have never gotten the application in the first place, since they treat the program like my grandma treats a smartphone...
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