impatience. webdev and python is like sewing with premade fabrics. i consider java, c and the like as knitting. cool. but not for me. i need results. quicker.

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    And that's why new generation of programmers is mostly script kiddies rather than actual programmers 🤔 "Just hack everything together"
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    @iiii Why get so mean?
    For small projects this is the best way imo.
    Obviously you wouldn't "hack it together" for enterprise solutions.
    It's still happening anyways and not only in python but in c++ and java too.
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    @RemusWasTaken oh, I don't mean that it is totally bad in any case, but when the whole industry is like that then we have the "native" JavaScript everywhere like now.
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    @iiii i totally agree. i mean a warm pullover better be knitted! sewing doesn't work out in any case. i adore my grannies socks, but i can't do them. and sewed felt-shoes definetly lack the love between the loops.
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    I think you meant impotence
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    @electrineer now that you mention it...
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