Pure spite really.

I do things better out of spite.

I picked my career out of spite, finished my degree out of spite, and currently work out of spite.

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    Woah woah woah. Wouldn’t have guessed this as your post.

    What do you mean by “out of spite”? As in, give me some details.
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    @Cyanide e.g.

    Random: "No, Alex, you can't use a blender as a fleshlight."
    @AleCx04: "Oh yeah? Watch me!"
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    @Cyanide a lot of me work is a blend of "fuck it I'll do it myself" and "who did this originally? fuck it it doesn't matter, ill fix it"

    And I do it just because I like flexing on the previous developers and managers on my department.

    I also started learning about computer programming years ago by spite. I hated my windows pc (had vista) and wanted to know who made that shit, and because I don't shit on people without understanding them I went ahead and started to learn. Indeed, I learned about computer programming so that I could shit on people :v pure spite man
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    @JustThat love me some 7 up
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    @AleCx04 Oh, so, out of technological spite. Gotcha. Not like…

    “You can’t have sex with me.”
    “You bet your ass I am gonna!”

    Because that can just go wrong.
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    @Cyanide ahhhhh that is a good way of putting it! I am going to start using that term now "technological spite", has a nice ring to it!

    But yes, as a whole, if I try to understand something and do not get it I get frustrated, upset or whatever and then I just get on it harder. Not the kind of spite that hits or acts against other people, I have this anti-aHole policy in which I try to be nice to other people as much as I can <3 I am a hippie really :P
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    @iiii you know bro, doing stuff angrily buuuuut professionally, cuz no one else can in your job location etc :P
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    @AleCx04 cannot imagine that. I'm not that good to be the best around and have lost almost all sense of any passion. And I'm not easily angered. Irritated - maybe, but not angry.
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    I bet you can't come over and get some good damned real tacos 🌮🌮
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    @mundo03 Shouldn't have said that
    We all know @AleCx04 doesn't work on Tuesdays, especially not Taco Tuesday

    I heard he once swam across the Atlantic Ocean to slap someone
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    I read “workout”
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    Bet you can’t give me loads of money for no reason.
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    @arshcaptano that too I do out of spite. I used to weight 240 lbs (108 kilos) before I dropped it all off and bulked up lifting and dieting. Every time I workout I most 100% do it out of spite!
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    @mundo03 y unas chelas despues, que onda?
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    @AleCx04 yea! Spite me all mighty spiter, prove me wrong 😂😂😂
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    @AleCx04 ahuevo
    Pero te da miedo
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    @mundo03 es que en Guadalajara hay momias y aparte le vas a las Chivas
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    @bashleigh this reverse psychology is proving too strong for me :P
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