I'm specialized in creating technical debt.

Basically, I rant my way in any dev specialty.
Since I never have a solid understanding of what I'm fucking with, ranting is more natural.

Ability to create technical debt is one of the most important skill, often underestimated:
- it will lead to heavy refactoring or even rewrite = more job for dev
- it will save a lot of short term effort, and luckily will produce the mid-term lock-in of the developers (more money for dev)
- it will increase billable hours to the customer. Higher the technical debt, more complex the explanation, and easier to confuse the customer.
- the best thing is that you'll never pay the debt. You'll eventually leave - willing or not - the job and you'll find some green field to exploit and create more debt.

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    Are you USA?
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    You also decrease the value of the industry as a whole, leading to lower payouts for everyone.
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    So it's a very altruistic talent because in the end you create more jobs on the market. It's possible that if you have been good enough at it, you can almost say you created more jobs than Donald Trump ever pretended to.

    **tips forehead**
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    @PepeTheFrog What the... "you create more jobs on the market"? Please tell me you're joking...?

    ? :d ?

    So bodging one's job is just a charitable way of widening the job market?

    What have you been smoking?

    You're artificially depressing the quality metric for the job market you participate in (local / national / global), making potential employers search elsewhere, and so people around you have higher difficulty in finding the right job for them.

    If you do this in your daily job, you're probably already being singled out by your team / team lead / reviewers / management. Let me guess - you're not taking part in any critical assignments do you? Have you ever wondered why?

    The bar of ethics you represent by doing that would place you in the general category of "being an arse".

    I don't envision a great future for your career mate.
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    @GittinGudder yes so by artificially creating more jobs, you lower the global financial speculation inflation to actual produced value ratio. This way, you kind of minimize the impacts of potential financial recessions on the average person.

    If you get good enough at it, you can actually claim you had a meaningful impact on minimizing the financial loss for most people who had heavy investment drops when the bubble burst.

    I believe you might get awarded a nobel peace prize at this point... because if the European Union and Barack Obama could get one, why wouldn't you?
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    @PepeTheFrog 😂

    "yes so by artificially creating more jobs"

    The ultimate altruism in that case should be letting others do yours. AFAIR that's called a vacancy. Go on then.

    By bodging your job you have created nothing, no value, you're a negative capacity. So now where your employer had resources for employing 10 people, after adding you to the team he now has resources for 10 - 1 (you) - the dipsh**ery you're doing.

    People who believe what this rant says are the single greatest reason for why this website exists.
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    I love how triggered people get on this. It's beautiful.
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    Sometimes to offer solutions, you must first create the problems 👍🏻
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    happy for the flood of comments. I stand my view that technical debt is grossly misunderstood. It's not doing crappy job on purpose. It's actually being filled with the purpose of business and sacrifice for the goal.
    It's also a awareness of the limitation of the human mind.
    And I also believe that in a technical-debt free world, developers will actually be in
    danger. So technical debt in the end is what make our job meaningful.
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    Absolutely true
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    It's hilarious how seriously this post is taken.
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    @wackOverflow ah yes, the Jimmy Neutron school of economics
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    @jeeper when came up with the current stimulus bill, did he say “brain blast!”?
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