Speciality: Conversational interfaces / NLP

Why I chose it: It appeared to be the only area where my previous academic background (Law) was relevant, so they didn't consider me to have 7 years of blank on my CV.

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    What made you change career from law to dev?

    I am always curious to people who came from non-IT background like me and how they manage to conquer this wild sea of 0s and 1s (I worked in supply chain for a long time)
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    @cho-uc I'd always been fascinated by coding (while I was a student, I built a rudimentary tool to look up cases while in lectures) but my school had pushed me towards studying law (I was on the high school debate team, go figure). Found a career aptitude test from when I was 16 while I was at my parents' house a few years ago, and the number one suggestion? "Software Developer".
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