I have never been fucked more in my life. A month ago I finished a 3 month internship for my last year of my education. And next to the internship I only have my thesis to defend and voila, I got my diploma! The internship itself went awesome, met some very interesting people, had a ton of fun working there and they were really happy about me.

But then it started, about 2 weeks after my internship started I got an email that my mentor (from school itself) had changed. It changed to a guy who's known for his insane way of teaching and being very unprofessional. Sometimes when I had a class on another level a bit further in the hall, we could hear him screaming while he was "teaching". He's really insane and should in no way be teaching to students. On top of that he has very little knowledge about CS, since he "teaches" maths.

So after I got the news I knew I was fucked. This guy is really hard to communicate with. And I'd never be able to have a decent, professional conversation with him.

So after I did everything I knew I was supposed to do, I tried to contact him on what else he'd need from me. His emails were crazy, unprofessional, and in no condition of being able to read and understand. So I started to get really annoyed but I didn't make this clear towards him. I even complained to another person of my school in a very polite way by saying that our communication wasn't going so well, I got no answer from that person and she even forwarded my complaint to him without asking for my permission and answering me.

So I kept doing what he kinda asked for, but had no idea if I was doing it wrong or right since I almost never got an answer from him, or the answer was not even an answer to my questions in the first place.

Today I had my presentation of the internship in front of him. It's the first time I see him since this school year. I give my presentation being quite happy of what I did at the company. When I was finished he starts bashing me into oblivion with ignorant questions, comments and very deconstructive negative feedback. Me not knowing what the fuck is happening and getting really angry inside standing there with nothing to say. I answered all of his questions as good as I could. But he was tearing me down so fucking hard. Because I only had half an hour I sticked with the most important stuff about my internship, didn't go to deep into all of it because he's not a fucking it'er anyway, and he asked for it specifically not to go deep into the project. But now he's saying I'm not giving enough information?! (He wanted to know what IDE I used?!?! What the fuck has that to do with anything)

So although I had a wonderful internship and I completed my project far better than the company had expected, my presentation went awful. I'm thinking that the guy was predetermined in failing me. How can I do a good job if he himself is not give a fuck about me. So now he's probably failing me for something he has no clue of what I did, and it's not even my fault.

I have no idea what I should be doing now. I start working in the second week of February but I probably won't get my bachelors degree until September now because of this fucker. I'm even thinking on taking legal actions. This guy just fucked my self confidence so hard. I'm fucking depressed right now

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    Damn... even I get angry when I'm reading this...
    Gather data, your communication with him, make your case. Then ask the company for input on it and be completely open and honest. Then present your case to school.
    If they agree with you, great, if not, then you could think about other actions (read: legal). But I wouldn't go there first thing.

    Good luck.
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    Good luck mate! I kinda had a similar situation years ago but luckily I'm at a great internship right now with a great mentor from my study. Legal action sounds good although I hardly know anything about that stuff. You're probably a great programmer so keep your head up and keep rocking! 😎
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    @rvnl it's really depressing for me to be in this situation. First thing I'm going to do is try to convert his deconstructive comments into something good, rewrite everything I have on the internship and send it again. Asking the company for input is a good idea too... thanx :)
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    @linuxxx thanx, I'll need it :)
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    Talk to your student services department or the chair of your CS department. Colleges need to graduate students to get some of their funding. Find the person who cares about this and talk with them, see if you can get a different advisor.
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    @starless first actions will be trying again with the same guy. A new guy is to late anyway. If that doesn't work and he doesn't pass me, then I will go higher up the ladder
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    @skankhunt42 don't waste your time, dude. There's a chance that the department head can get you graduating on time (remember, this is likely a statistic they are judged on by THEIR boss) if you act soon.

    Don't complain about your new advisor being 'non-technical', complain about communication issues and lack of clear direction. Mention your concern re : a personality conflict. Be, in every way imaginable, the concerned adult in the situation. Don't expect the chair to solve the problem for you, but do talk with them sooner rather than later. They want you to graduate, too.
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    feel for you bro... anyways, ++ for the username :)
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    @starless well you do make a good point, but I don't have my grade yet. But I'm pretty sure he'll fail me. So I need to wait for the grade (begin of February ) until I can do anything of that...
    Thanx for some constructive arguments. It's nice to read something like that today
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    One idiot cannot stop you from getting your degree if you earned it. I fought against my school for my transfer credits, and won every battle after a negligent advisor tried forcing me into unnecessary courses didn't do her job.

    Start meeting with people (other advisors, Dean, etc) in person after scheduling a meeting, and follow up in an email for a paper trail.
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    Wow... i just dont get the kind of guy who just got a job as a professor sitting down at his desk going. "Yup! Im going to fail these fu****s just for fun"
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    @RakNoel i don't think he's doing it for fun. He's just insane. Plain as that, he can't help it probably. He has this world view and nobody can change it or have any impact on his view. He's an extremely closed minded person. Anyway, I'd just put him somewhere far far away
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    @skankhunt42 does your previous mentor still work there?
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    @brettmoan i don't remember his/her name...
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    @skankhunt42 I would keep track of all communication (to cover yourself if you have to go over his head) at the same time I would ask him direct questions in written communication. As for a written communication regarding what you will be graded on. If possible get a rubric. Stop by during office hours. If he gives you critical information that could be critical that he may go back on, like grading criteria, take note of it, write it up in an email (preferably on school email if one is provided) and ask for him to reply confirming that your notes "correctly grasp what he told you verbally." They way to get this to be in your favor, is to have a provable paper trail you can point to if it becomes a "his word against yours" situtation.
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