Sometime it feels like I'm surrounded with idiots.

Got a Ticket:

Support: Please delete installation ABC from Server D.

Me: Checks everything. Installation is on Server E. Asks if this is correct?

Support: Just follow the instructions!

Me: Okey dokey. If you want me to be a hammer the installation is a nail... Drop database, Remove all files. nuke K8s resources

Support: Why did you delete the installation ABC? You should delete XYZ!

Me: Cause the ticket told to delete ABC on Server D and YOU told me to follow your instructions!

Support: Yeah but we just reused an old ticket. We wanted XYZ deleted!

It's not a big deal I can restore the shit but I hate it if a day starts with this kind of shit!

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    Great that you have it black-on-white for the courts
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    It would be so more satisfying if it couldn't be reversed and those people would get a slap on the hand for being incompetent as fuck..
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    No problemo.
    proceeds to delete XYZ on E.
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    Best explanation.....

    They just used an old ticket. Good idea fuck faces!

    First. If the ticket was used before then the installation shouldn't be available anymore. But okay. Names are generated randomly so there is the possibility that that's the case.
    Second: Fuck you! Write your tickets properly. I don't have the fucking time to play Sherlock Holmes for everything.
    And the cherry on top of the turd of a ticket system is that now the same ticket has just been rewritten. Of course, only the content, not the title. So I have a ticket with a misleading name. Completely different content and of course references to three other tickets that have nothing to do with it.
    Do people comb their hair with a hammer in the morning or was the inhalation pen soaked with solvent?
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    @yabbat there is always that one asshole somewhere in any company and 50% of dev and IT would punch him if given the opportunity
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    Do what I _meant_, NOT what I _said_!

    Every. Damned. Day.
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    @yabbat Fuck, is there a record of the title change for paper trail purposes?
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    @yabbat Abuse right back.

    Fuck thier shit up, and claim it was written un the previous ticket version.

    Make sure thier stuff keeps randomly crashing every 30+-10 minutes, and then comes back up after 3+-2 minutes.
    Many other way to exact revenge....
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    I am not sure whether this is real life or just a machine learning thing ...
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    @ThisIsOra Of course, this will be documented. Only the ticket system admin can delete it permanently, but since we have to keep everything for 10 years, that certainly won't happen.
    My boss has already told me that I did everything right and that everyone would have processed the ticket that way. In addition, from now on everything that is worded vaguely will simply be returned to support.

    I don't have to do that, they can handle it themselves. But guess who will have to repair their mess? Exactly. My team and me. And God am I glad that I have competent colleagues.
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    @NEMESISprj I’ll need a ticket to reverse it...
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    Just be sure.
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    Good call for making a backup.
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    Everyday when i look into a mirror i see sherlock holmes in myself. Its a very bad feeling.. +1 :(
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    Escalate the issue to the manager maybe? Engineering effort is wasted because of their shitty attitude
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    @yabbat so I guess this is Monday in a ticket then?
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    @rootofskynet Monday with a hangover :D
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    @yabbat ouch. nasty.
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    @magicMirror just wipe D and E and say the deletion was configured "exactly as specified" and you don't know what happened.
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