Why the hell does it take twice as long to compile my software project under MSVC and Windows 10 compared to a GCC on a Linux *virtual machine* running inside the same Windows 10?!?

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    Also what could possibly be the reason that a `git stash` on Windows 10 takes like a minute, while the same `git stash` in said virtual machine running inside said Windows 10 takes a fraction of a second?
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    @DirtEffect Optimizations. Im dead serious. Linux code is far more optimized then windows side.
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    @sbiewald Hmmm... Didn't think of that one. That is a good point. Will check that, thanks!!
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    @Haxk20 I think it must have to do with the file system.... I cannot believe that this is only due to optimizations.
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    @DirtEffect file system has nearly 0 effect on compilation speed.
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    @DirtEffect you would be surprised how much can oprimizations help. I run gentoo. I know how much they help.
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    @Haxk20 I don't know about the compilation speed, but git performance is very dependent on the file system.

    Git is/was made for Linux and opening files is very fast on Linux. Git uses a lot of files to do its thing and it can do that because it gets away with it.

    Windows on the other hand has a very different file system. Opening files is relatively slow. So when git does its thing, it's doing a lot of slow things. Enough to notice anyways.

    Does this mean that the windows fs is bad? No. It's just slower in opening files. It's probably faster/better in other areas.
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    Did you try to compile with mingw/.. And using git In for example cygwin? Would be interesting whether that's faster. Guess either multi-core make or something like /MP can help too, if not already used.

    But Ja, our developers who use Windows feel the same especially when debugging
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