Just today I lost a lawsuit because my contract was written and signed in Nigeria and I sued them in the USA and I couldn't convince the judge it was fraud. I transformed the company implenting SAP and office365 and a WAN and many other projects. Worked nearly every single day 3 years in a row even during vacations, public holidays and holidays. Lost over 400k USD in lost benefits and wages that were in the contract but never paid. I feel absolutely devastated.
Unless you work for a US or European based company never ever work in Nigeria.

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    Sorry to hear that but i tought its rather common knowledge not to do business over there :/ you shouldn't let it go that easily with such a large sum.
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    Fucking Hell! You worked for nothing for 3 years? Is that right? Why the fuck did it take you 3 years to determine there was something not right? Why weren't you out of there after month 1 and no pay?
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    @helloworld I was paid some to keep me hanging on and on. When I got there it was like walking into the 1970's - nothing IT related worked. I completely transformed it so working there was exactly like working anywhere in the states.
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    Holy shit! That sucks hairy monkey balls! I would say sue them in Nigeria, but ... yeah.. can you appeal the decision?
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    Suing them in Nigeria is throwing good money after bad. I need to fly there for every hearing and it will get one postponement after another.
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