I had code waiting in review for ten days, blocking other work. On the eleventh day, the final reviewer (who was standing behind me as I wrote it) says "I'm not sure that I agree with the design, here."

I get you, man, I can re-write the algorithm, but I am so not in that context anymore and you've just delayed release of the feature by at least a week. Ugggh.

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    In my case, after I finish off the feature and hand it over for review the UX folks were like, I'm not sure this looks good and changed everything. PM stupidly accepts whatever designers say. I have to rewrite whatever I have been working for three months! #fml
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    This is why I think code reviews suck, are useless and a waste of time. I haven't ever got any feedback that would change anything in the way I work and if I always had to wait for my code to be reviewed, I'd be old.
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    @iamalchemist it sounds like you guys need design reviews before anything even gets written, there..

    @dsteiner I've learned a lot from code reviews and so write better code from them, and they help maintain consistency across our repository. They're good, but only if the reviewers aren't absolute twats and only if you're given the power to say 'no thanks' to their comments.
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    Yes of course. If they are used properly to improve code and knowledge it's a great thing. But if not they are a waste of time.
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    @starless yeah! Very badly. Unfortunately no one is listening to me.
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