Why do people hate Windows 10? Why so much hate to the Windows 10??

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    I guess after using linux, windows just seems too slow and heavy. It's not soo bad tbh, it has definitely improved over time.
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    Spyware. Also, windows.
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    Because windows 10 sends a lot of user data to Microsoft.
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    @nik123 Plus, you shouldn't have to "fight" to use your OS.
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    I stopped using Windows 14 years ago having switched to Linux in college. Windows just feels like a fight to use, Windows 10 even more so with significantly more to disable or configure prior to actually using it.
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    Why so much hate *on windows 10?
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    Because unstoppable updates right in your face.
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    Because there are a load of random bugs that one user may experience but another will never ever see. It is super inconsistent, slow, laggy, I feel like I don't have full control over what's going on (just like with an iPhone compared to android).

    That's why I use Linux whenever I can. I still use windows a lot for games and video calling my partner but I always run into problems with that.
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    @TylerDDevRant English is not my main language sorry for that :(
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    I shouldn't have to rummage through services and deactivate a whole bunch of shit on something supposedly "new and improved"
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    Half a year back, after I bought a gaming GPU and driver installation was failing with "unsupported OS" error (win 10 64b) I found out that updates were not being applied for months - Windows was silent about it the whole time! All security fixes not installed, I was angry. I tried to fix this broken updating for few days (tried so many advices from forums), but nothing helped. Forcing updating -> restart to finish the process -> automatic rollback after updating failed and this was happening again and again. I had to reinstall the Windows - and that was the moment Linux has become my main OS. There were many issues and things I disliked about Windows, but this was the last straw. Now I am using Window$ only as a launcher for games and it has problems even with that simple task (e.g. defender turning on and starting lagging pc like hell even after I explicitly disabled it in control panel).
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    @tocttou taking hours...
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    While under the hood a few things improved, I clearly feel lack of Microsoft to drastic changes...

    The only drastic change they did was the completely and utter failure of an UI redesign... And turning windows in a rolling release distribution.

    They did both with win10 in my opinion. Instead of learning from their failure they kept the creepy Frankenstein design that is partially old and new, instead of going forward.

    That is the visible part.

    Non visible I must say that it is funny how windows still has a limitation of 255 max path len that was only partially lifted via opt in in an win 10 release. Win 10 server stagnated and more features got removed then added.

    Win 10 from user perspective is even worse in my opinion...
    The win 10 apps store is a nice idea, if it wouldn't be a the same creepy abomination as windows update - bugs are plenty and most importantly it cannot track non store apps/progs.

    All in all, a huge debris of cluttered solutions with no real concept..
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    @monnef oh dude, preaching to the choir, windows defender is such a bitch. Apparently it turns back on after 20 minutes if you tune it off, because you need to stay safe!!!1!
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