What the hell has happened to Hewlett Packard?
They used to make the best notebooks around. 10-15 Years ago, basically all notebooks my family bought were from HP. These devices lasted for at least 6-8 years each.
Now I have a fucking expensive OMEN series notebook failing after 2 years with the most embarrasing hardware problems: Once a shielded piece of plastic from the bottom broke off and made a short on the mainboard, next time the way too thin power line that goes from the power plug to the PCB was placed alongside a sharp metal piece that damaged the isolation and again produced a short. When the display is moved, the webcam disconnects, which is also a hint at the production quality.
From my daughter's HP notebook the Display just broke off after like 18 months of use. When we brought it to service I asked the guy whether this happens a lot, he was like "I have 6 other notebooks of that type with the same problem in repair right now". After a repair that took forever because they couldn't get the proper replacement parts, the integrated webcam has died.
Never ever going to buy anything from this shitbrand again.

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    Well nokia was also one of the best at their time😔
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    I've felt this way with every gaming branded laptops. The EliteBook and similar models (HP) seems a lot better.
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    Maybe that's basically the same as their cheaper stuff that has always been prone to failing, or to last precisely just over the warranty period.
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    HP is total shit.
    Lenovo still has the thinkpad line. Dell has the precision line that can handle a few hits.
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    My dad bought an HP laptop in 2010, and that thing is 'technically' still alive

    the newer ones are kinda shit though, agreed.
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