alrite devs, hardmode:
i have an obfuscation algo that cannot be defeated even by quantum computing (like infinite parralelism if i got that one right [i mean understanding what is Qcompute])

how can i take advantage of it? (get phd/big money payroll/sell it)
it could be implemented as impossible to defeat ssh for instance

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    ps dont bother haxxor i deleted it before asking...
    also i intend it to become open source but i want a piece of the pie first...
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    Dude, obfuscating is always reversible with enough time. No money for you kiddo.
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    There has been an algo like that for a long time, mathematically proven to be unbreakable even with infinite computing power: One Time Pad.

    The drawback is that it moves the problem from encryption to key distribution, which is why it isn't in widespread use.
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    mine is different. how can i leverage that?
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    Quantum computing is not infinite parallelism. Also, cryptography that is difficult for quantum computers is already a thing. Also, there are many "impossible" security schemes that are either impractical for actual use or not impossible at all. Why not code it up and write out a rigorous proof for why it does what you think it does? Once you have that you can think about doing something with it.
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    @bad-frog You'd first and foremost need to have it peer reviewed by cryptologists. People like Bruce Schneier, that calibre. Without that approval, nobody is going to use it.
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    and how do i do it to prevent them from stealing the idea? wouldnt want to have someone else patent my own algos
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    @bad-frog that’s the point of lawyers. And pretty sure if a crypto analyst is knowledgeable in his field, he would have engineered such algo already.

    Cryptography is anything but easy, let alone being able to understand it in a few months.
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    @bad-frog If you publish the algorithm, nobody can patent it afterwards because your publication would be "prior art". One popular way is to publish things in some small tech magazine that isn't widely read but still has a print version so that it's easy to prove the date of publication in a court-proof manner (unlike some Github date).

    However, SSH isn't even about obfuscation, it's about encryption. Obfuscation sounds more like steganography, and there has been a lot of research, too.
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    @Nanos A patent is also a great way to ensure that nobody will use or support that. Plus that pure algorithms are not even possible to get a patent for in many jurisdictions.
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    @Fast-Nop, don't waste your time with this troll...
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    @morphx usually i troll but this time im serious
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    @bad-frog You do know that nobody knowing about cryptography will buy an unpublished algorithm with questionable claims, right?
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    @sbiewald thought so. but i never published nor submitted to peer review thats why i ask questions.
    theres a way of doing things and i didnt want to muck it up
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    @bad-frog why do you even want to profit from it? Tbh I don’t see that it’s going to go very well for you or the alleged algorithm if you go down that path. Credit tho, sure. But first and foremost, get it peer reviewed. You’ll get nowhere without.
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    @100110111 if he gets it published probably there is a good chance he might get a phd admission or something. Not sure tho.

    Considering how impossible for me, cryptography was during my masters, it would be a big deal if it is actually something new to be actually used by someone practically.
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    @Nanos pretty sure if his claims are true he won't need to worry about money
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    How are you smart enough to do that but dont know how to make money from it seems like a paradoxon
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    @bighead never made any money with programming. thats because im self taught and i didnt have the skills or the inclination to write a game or an app (i am no artist, and i sincerely hate frontend).

    so, instead of sleeping on my algos, like i usually do (did some CV and NL) here i am, fishing for ideas.
    also because i think if i publicize the other ones i will either end up with a d up my a at best and a bullet in my head at worse.

    especially the CV one.
    ive been at a deloitte panel last year, just before confinement. (bc in the meantime i put money aside so that now i can study my passion full-time)
    they were struggling with stuff that i already resolved. they just didnt have the proper approach.
    but no way im giving out algos that they will make milions of and recieve internship pay for it.
    and there is no chance in hell they would hire a construction team leader (what i did until recently) as anything else.
    and if i demonstarted my tech they would just have stolen it
    so here i am.
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    If it's so amazing and you are so confident that it'll be the "good shit"...

    Why not go the usual route and patent it?

    Then you can collect all the money from licenses n shit.

    If you see someone that has "stolen your tech", you can sue the living shit out of them.

    To get a PhD, you'd need a bunch of stuff first like getting an undergraduate degree and getting recommendations from others in the field (needed to apply to graduate programs).

    And then you're only 1% through.

    Considering you already claim your "obfuscation" is "undefeatable", I doubt you will even come close to a PhD.

    obfuscation is defeatable by definition, how else would the computer be able to run it?

    It just makes it harder to "get the source code" but that's it, it still has an execution path that can be reverse-engineered.

    So either the algorithm becomes inefficient and nobody wants it or it's not better than existing methods.
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    the usual patenting and suing route costs money i dont have.
    tbh i dont even know what its worth to begin with, except its something im gonna be using quite often i think
    i saw some people who made programs out something similar, some who made it opensource, neither made any meaningful impact on the industry from what i gathered

    anyways, best i idea i have sofar is deploy it into a prototype web project of mine.
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    @bad-frog "I don't even know what it's worth with to begin with".

    That's an easy answer: nothing.

    Value is built upon the trust it has.

    Considering nobody knows the algorithm, nobody knows you, nobody has reviewed it and no attempts have been made at breaking it, it's worth nothing.

    Additionally, you're fighting against well-established methods that have had thousands upon thousands of people look at it, so nobody is likely to even bother.

    So don't bother even thinking about money, just open-source it and be
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    @FinlayDaG33k open source it will be then
    another thing to add to the portfolio
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    @bad-frog send link
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