I wonder why there is a new JavaScript framework every 10 minutes. Could the issue be with the JS language itself?

Naaaaaaaah .... Impossible .....

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    Why do some developers use any library made by any random unknown person? Is the problem JS or the stupid developer?
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    Correct. It’s not the language itself at fault.

    It’s the developer’s origins fault who thinks they can do it better, but don’t acknowledge the actual ecosystem of said language.

    Which results in many alternatives and newcomers unable differentiate what’s good and what’s bad in the spirit of that specific language.
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    People only use JS because they literally have no other choice
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    I find it fascinating. I don't think I have ever seen a language push out as many library authors in this way before. At one point we had people writting CPAN libs for Perl, entire Java libraries, Python packages and php modules hosted in various places(pecl etc) and now composer and so forth.
    But Javascript really dialed it to 11 and it blew. And while a lot of content might very well be not too good depending on the library I find the language to continue to evolve to bring higher levels of sanity to an otherwise quirky language. Quirky, to me, is not a fault, just additional things to learn, which if you are a developer should not be a problem.

    Javascript is not perfect, but I like what its community is doing with it, it is introducing devs to many more things, from language design, to game development, mobile development, desktop development etc.
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    @YADU another highly fascinating point, I would say that such growth came specifically from that, people literally don't have another choice, and as such they had to take it and evolve it, even if from spite.
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    It’s blown up in popularity. Can run packages server side and client side. There isn’t another language like that. JavaScript runs client side so naturally everything out there for clients are going to be JavaScript. Just wait until web assembly streamlines and we have python, php, c# (already has one) front end frameworks. We’ll wish it was as simple as just JavaScript on the client. Job applications will become more language niched. It’ll suck
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    @theabbie I honestly am not surprised about it. Because the language is so useless, even the well-known frameworks made by Facebook and Google suck, so I'm not surprised some people try different things
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    @petergriffin Are you saying there is "good" in JS language?
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    @MrMarco If you're forced to use it, Typescript seems to be the only option for you, otherwise, it is easily avoidable if you're not a web developer.
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    Instead of importing an npm package, just copy-paste it's source code.
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    @theabbie Epic move
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    @theabbie I am a web developer. I've been able to focus more on other languages by being a backend dev. But now even this is under threat because of Node.js. I can't believe people are okay with JS being used on the backend. The idea of it is laughable. My disappointment in people is so intense, I'd put it up there with Trump being elected
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    @MrMarco You chose to be a web developer knowing JS is unavoidable, change career, JS is here to stay.
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    Nah, they choose JavaScript because it features prototype-based OOP and allows you to implement mixins/aspects and generics easily - while not being LUA.

    It actually is a good scripting language. It just has some really bad design choices (which where the rage in the 90ies) that sometimes make it real hard to reason about code written by lesser coders.
    It was the first scripting language i stumbled upon, that treated functions like 1st-class citizen and had real lambdas.
    I like the language - but hate what people build with it...
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    @Oktokolo there's a ton of other languages that provide basically the same stuff as JS, without the awful backwards compatibility stuff JS has.

    If JS wasn't forced upon us by the browser, it would be a lot less popular.

    But becuase you need to use it for the browser, it starts bleeding out to other areas by people that want to use 1 language for everything
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    @electrineer 26 years is long enough to test durability, JS doesn't create virus, so, it won't be easy to get rid of it.
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    @MrMarco the language is not useless ;)

    I started using it around IE3 and have seen a lot of frameworks come and go and while there sure has been some development of the language there actually os not so many thing in the language it self that was not possible early on and that is quite impressive.

    And the reason the language has evolved to slow is that its a standard that requires many big companies to be in agreement and that is always slow.
    Just look at ip4-6 transition and js is fast in comparison.
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    @Oktokolo it was also designed my one man n a very short timeframe at a time when no one had a clue of where it would end up.

    And considering that start, its still pretty amazing ;)
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    If you were developing for IE3, I think that clearly this has lowered your standard of what is acceptable level of bullshit
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    @MrMarco well I have been active through all browsers since and many of the frameworks.

    But my point is that yes js has a lot of problems but it was also extremely flexible :)

    And if not we might not have a common standard since there was many attempts to create proprietary scripting instead but js always prevailed.

    Which I guess everyone should be thankful for today.
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    @Voxera now there are only two browsers so that wouldn't be so bad
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    @electrineer two?

    Chrome, safari and firefox are still commonly used.

    Edge is just chrome but the others are separate enough and both firefox and safari is common enough among customers to not ignore.
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    Naver Whale is a real browser
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