Nokia not even having a 3.5 jack to begin with (even when walkman existed): jUsT bUy aDaPtEr dUh
Apple removing 3.5 jack after introducing AirPods and putting lightning EarPods in the box with iPhone: REEEEEEEEE

Nokia switching from one charger plug type (thick barrel) to another (thin barrel): jUsT bUy thE nEw cHargEr dUh
Apple switching from an old wide port to lightning: REEEEEEEE

Nokia working with only Nokia Sync and Ovi that barely can do anything but lag and throw random errors at you: wElL jUsT dOnT uSe iT dUh
Apple using iTunes (Apple Music) which in 2021 can restore an absolutely bricked Apple device from the original HDD iPod to the latest iPhone 12 pro: REEEEEEEEE

Nokia using cheap labor since moving production from Hungary to Asia: *crickets*
Apple using cheap labor at Foxconn: REEEEEEEEEE I'M gOnNa dYe mY aRmpIt hAiR piNk tHiS iS alL bEcAuSe oF pAtrIarChy

I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed.

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    Big brains out there
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    Wait what?!

    - 3.5mm audio jack: both my Nokia 6303i and my Nokia 6 smartphone have them.

    - charger type: the 6303i has a proprietary one indeed, but the Nokia 6 uses a standard USB plug. Any USB power delivering device can be a charging adaptor.

    - Nokia Sync / Ovi: you don't need any of that to fully use the device.

    - You can also put data from/to the Nokia 6 over USB with just a regular file explorer, something that Apple wanted to prevent in favour of locking down the devices. That in turn was the sole reason for the iTunes crap.
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    @Fast-Nop I’m not talking about hmd global, I’m talking mostly about pre-2010 Nokia. Indeed, higher-end phones like E71 or whatever maybe have a 3.5, but it wasn’t common among Nokia phones
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    In my experience at least, this has all been the other way around. I see people complaining like mad whenever most companies change anything, but when Apple does it I only hear "Ooohhh, look how innovative they are, they're making those decisions because they want the most frictionless user experience possible".

    They're all the same in my book. They're just trying to market the heck out of whatever crap they produce in order to spin the most profit.
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    Changing from one proprietary charger to another wasn't such a big deal when practically everyone was using their own thing. It's silly for Apple to try to push their own thing when practically every new phone comes with USB C.
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    Europran regulation came into effect - with a similar impact as the "cookie law".
    Nokia, Motorola, HTC, RIM, and pretty much everyone were using different standards up until 2011 or so. Yes - it was annoying back then as well.
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    europran. 🤦‍♂️
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    @kiki ah so you compare design/implementation choices of Nokia when mobile phones/accessories were barely standardized (nor very advanced respectively) vs Apple's choices to lock out people to use any useful general interface years later when everyone opts for compatibility and standardization. Purely so they can charge you 50 bucks on top on their own "solution" (of course some exceptions can be defended for optimizing functionality etc).

    You're just comparing apples with pears, uh, nokias
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    @NEMESISprj remember since when mini usb and 3,5 jack were around? Exactly
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    @kiki it's about when talks about common use/standardization took hold. Which is around 2009 for micro USB. It's not only when something is invented, but when everyone starts using it except for some parties like apple.
    Yes, innovation is something I very much appreciate! But sometimes innovation can also be accompanied with an adapter or at least some options.
    But yeah, only point I wanted to make is that I find your comparison between outdated design methods and modern design methods a bit unjustified :)
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    @NEMESISprj I’m talking mainly about social hypocrisy, not an engineering evolution over time. Apple is kind of polarizing and I don’t understand why.

    Btw I love old Nokias, my favorites being 6700 (couldn’t afford), 7610 (inherited), E72 and somehow C3-01
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    On the other hand the prices that apple charges would make you think they'd do better. And also to me Nokia doesn't seem like the biggest competitor.
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    @kiki come on kiki that's not fair. We're talking about the era where a phone had a couple of megabytes of flash memory, and you were lucky if it could play mp3 😂 once Nokia got the idea of using it as a music player (N series) they all got a 3.5mm jack and plenty of flash.

    Now Apple devices come with lightning, before that some other idiotic proprietary plug, somehow evading the EU ruling to come with a usb plug? Nokia N95 had mini usb, and all following devices some form of it. Now Apple is too scared to dump lightning because of missed revenue, as its obviously inferior to usbc
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    @jkommeren okay, I had 2700. It came out way later than N95. It had micro usb but it was useless because it couldn’t charge from it and still required a proprietary Nokia charger
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    @kiki so you didn't want to pay the premium for the N series which were promoted as multimedia phones, while yours wasnt, but are comparing it to a 600 dollar iphone? 😁

    Dont get me wrong, i hated the proprietary connectors the phones had. That still holds up for Apple. Apple is the new Nokia here.

    Back then everyone had a nokia charger lying around. Now that's probably true for lightning cables.
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    And still the 2700 had 32mb of storage. They surely weren't trying to sell it as an mp3 player
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    @jkommeren memory card just as in MP3 players of that era
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    Everything Apple is way more expensive tho. There. That's all the difference there is. Affordability.
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    Crapple simply behaves like it's still the 90s.
    That also matches their approach to software quality, security and hardware design.
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