General inquiry and also I guess spreading awareness (for lack of a better category as far as I can tell) considering nothing turned up when I searched for it on here: what do you guys think about Sourcehut?

For those who don't know about it, I find it a great alternative to GitHub and GitLab considering it uses more federated collaboration methods (mostly email) mostly already built into Git which in fact predate pull requests and the like (all while providing a more modern web interface to those traditional utilities than what currently exists) on top of many other cool features (for those who prefer Mercurial, it offers first-class repo support too, and generally it also has issue tracking, pastebins, CI services, and an equivalent to GitHub Pages over HTTP as well as Gemini in fact, to name a few; it's all on its website: https://sourcehut.org/). It's very new (2019) and currently in public alpha (seems fairly stable though actually), but it will be paid in the future on the main instance (seems easy enough to self-host though, specially compared to GitLab, so I'll probably do that soon); I usually prefer not to have to pay but considering it seems to be done mostly by 1 guy (who also maintains the infrastructure) and considering how much I like it and everything it stands for, here I actually might 😅

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    Never heard of it, but this one point stopped me in my tracks.

    - Log in with SSH after build failures to investigate further

    Wait a minute. Builds aren't destroyed?
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    @C0D4 I never used it yet, only follow conversations about it on the mailing lists sometimes, but I was indeed also impressed by that feature, since it seems that indeed they're not destroyed immediately and you can take a look at what fucked up, which is quite cool
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