One time my co-worker put a tiny piece of tape inside the USB receiver of my mouse which apparently makes any USB device stop working. It took me a while to figure out why my damn mouse wasn't working even though everything was properly plugged in and it had new batteries.

When I found the tiny piece of tape I was instantly knew who it was and it was pretty funny.

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    I'm going to have to try that 😂
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    @amahlaka haha good question - it was not @trogus though he did do a lot of good pranks to me and others at the office.
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    @basanth wireless mouse with receiver that plugs into USB port
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    You mean inside the usb port itself ?!

    Thats pretty smart
    I usually place a tiny bit of tape just over the sensor lol

    Or if am feeling mean, i will mix a tiny pinch of glitter with a pea size blob of vasline, and smear a tiny tiny amount just on the side of the mouse near the thumb would rest. Then wait till time does it trick
    Usually by the end of the day my mate has a few specs of glitter on his face, he has a habit of rubbing his face and pushing his hair back😘
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    About a year ago one of my colleagues put 5 layers of stickers over the sensor on my mouse. After removing them all, still didn't work... I took the battery out and he had taken the effort of making a tiny troll face sticker and placing it at the end of the battery...
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    @HerrBadger lol that's awesome
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