Not an office prank, but still makes me laugh..

When my oldest daughter was about 8 months, she loved slapping the keyboard on my wife's laptop. More times than I can count with my hands I received a phone call from her asking how to rotate the screen back from upside-down.

Pwned by a baby

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    Haha! My 1 year old girl did the same yesterday,
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    Reminds me of the infinite monkey theorem
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    Ahahah, we used to do that to an english teacher i had in hight school. She was like :
    "why is the screen upside down, i dont understand ! "
    Me :
    "the IT guys upgrade your Windows, but they used the cd upside down, happens a lot"

    And she believed it and called the IT service of the school XD

    (nobody showed up because she called them all the time for stupid stuff ^^)
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