A: Hey, can we talk about X for 5 minutes?

B: Yes, sure. I'm joining the meeting



You have left the room:
Meeting duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

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    Just happened
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    Every day for me. I’m even canceling other meeting two hours ahead now.
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    That has definitely happened to me, but also the opposite.

    Me: hey do you have some time right now? We need to discuss some important details about this feature and it might take a while.

    I had prepared a presentation and some code examples and I thought it'd take mea long time explaining the problem, but I was so prepared I get it under 5 mins. I think my opinion is controversial, but they're conviced

    Me: and... I think that's it. Oh no and... wwel yeah I already mentioned it...
    Coworker / boss: ok.
    Me: so should we do A, B, or C?
    Coworker: you seemed to prefer C, so let's go with C.
    Me: okay yeah...
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    Is it because A wants you just to confirm his ideas within 5 minutes and you shatter his dreams over the hour because he's an optimistic moron or does he just fails at time estimations?
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    @qwwerty Both.

    A is a management moron without any technical understanding.

    He comes, throw a shitty idea and asks for delivering it during the current sprint.

    So each fucking time I have to be a bold, handsome developer and explain to him why his idea must wait and he shouldn't modify the current sprint plan but wait for the next one.

    I have to deal with his bullshit every sad day wasting a shit ton of time.
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    @xxzer0 how did he even get that job?
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    @zemaitis CEO's friend
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