Manager: so how long will feature A take?

Me: about a week.

Manager: and feature B?

Me: also a week.

Manager: how about C?

Me: another week

Manager: great! then we can finish the project in a week!


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    Mathematical calculations like this make future president of USA! No wonder we never get raise, or get paid.....
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    Work effort vs Duration - they always like to play that game 😆
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    I'm the wrong guy here, but I can't remember ever to be able to introduce a feature in a week.
    Is it only me?
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    Can't you just inform him, that the dude needs to prioritise?

    I thought about writing out about the difference between the developer and the manager, but I realised something more important.
    Fuck management.
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    Lol or it could just stop at the first "about one week" with a "wait one WEEK???"
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    Dev: It’ll be 3 weeks for one developer.
    Manager: Ok then we can make it in one week with 3 devs!
    Dev: Nope. 9 weeks with 3 devs. Maybe longer.
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    @Lensflare if the two other devs are free interns, then yes
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    "Difficult" takes a day
    "Impossible" takes a week
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