Been awake for like 18 hours.
Ok one last push to gitlab.
*Gitlab offline* welp, guess ill do that later, time for some sleep.
*Reads their status on twitter about data loss* (panic)


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    Dude you need to get some sleep!
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    Apparently it doesn't affect repositories you should be fine
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    Yeah, it seems it's just user account data.
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    Since you wanted to push you seem to have a local copy. Whats the deal
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    @Kimmax Data lose from the local computer itself, sometimes it happens for no reason or because dump mistakes
    Two, i have put a lot of time investing in one of the issue with code snippets and stuff, which in result has been actually removed from the gitlab db loss so....

    Plus how the fuck did you get here? Im pretty sure this rant is so old it wont show up anytime again at any of the walls within devrant
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    @Revenger Sure, but the odds to lose them right at the moment the remote one goes haywire are kinda small. You're right about the issues etc. tho
    Annnd the rant showed up on my timeline ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Kimmax It did?! That was unexpected...
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    Showed up on my wall either :)

    Btw why not simply add another upstream and Push to GitHub? Just for a backup
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    @maurice Cause its a "private" project
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