Why on Earth are printer drivers so huge? Seriously, 1GB to print, Epson? There are entire distros of Linux that take up less than that!

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    1MB for printer driver.

    999MB for selling you ink.
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    They don't have an overview of the rotten mess they've produced and so they just package everything until it installs and runs, and then add their adware on top.

    And then you still have to google 30 minutes and read through ancient forum threads to get the scanner to work because Canon decided to name the included scanning tool "ij utility" and it's the only way to get the pile of shit working.

    Imagine being so shit at producing software you don't even manage to put proper branding in your official drivers so users almost have to manually check every .exe on the system.
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    Don't you love those universal all-in-one drivers. As if anyone on the planet owns those 600 models all at once.
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    @AtuM but it makes the installation easier, since you dont need the exact type to find out.
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    @stop unless your printer is left out as it's out of support. They have sooo many new models you can choose from. Nevermind that the old ones still work.
    Every new chinese piece of crap (lots of it is not bad anymore) works on w10 nowdays. Yet a 10yrs old logitech usb webcam with basic vga resolution does not. Works fine on linux though.
    Fuck these greedy bastards.
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    Maybe your Epson can print a whole dick and then fuck you with it, idk.
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