I hate social media because I have to keep it in one way or the other (don't ask)

As such, I have to deal with multiple bullshit that I read from people.

The trust fund baby with a daddy selected job posting images on him on Cancun "lIfe Is To Be EnjOyeD, go AhEaD trAvEl" <--- bitch I work. I am happy that you enjoy shit but fuck me man have some sense of reality.

Many more shit like that, plus, it is a pandemic fuckhead, chill the fuck out.

The retarded veteran that continues to cry about a football player kneeling on a football match.....even though he was told by a fucking ex Special Forces to take a knee in peaceful protest.

Mexican adults talking about American politics.....dude you live in FUCKING MEXICO your fucking president is a national MEME

the list continues, I hate social media.

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    Fuck el Trompas tho.
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    @mundo03 fuck him, and fuck biden too, but trompas ain't even in charge of shit anymore
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    @rutee07 considering that he is gae and constantly posts pics with dudes that are bigger than me(musculature, ya boy keeps healthy and non fat) then I would say that he is indeed getting his ass destroyed
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    Social media aka a political opinion hellish wasteland ruled by zuckerburg and his league of assholes
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    @d-fanelli dude its fucking crazy. A couple of days back I was posting on a friend's post something about curly hair, in Spanish, we call it "chino", I legit do not know why we call it that way, but I was telling her that having curly LONG hair in windy days sucked and somehow the zuckerbots thought I was being racist and suspended my account for like 3 days, I didn't give a shit but I was like woooow, heaven forbids we somehow harm our chinese overlords? I wasn't even talking about them.

    Chino in spanish means Chinese for reference
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    @AleCx04 fuck everyone, but he never was.
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    @AleCx04 Ouch! Im middle ground politically and I think you are too. Racism sucks but wtf do people REALLY need to bitch about small crap like you using the word “chino” which is a spanish word? You meant no harm at all with that word and I’m sure you’re upset with the recent violence against asian americans.
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    devRant is social media
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    Fuck travel, fuck your foodie pictures, fuck all politicians, fuck both the conspiracy cucks and government sheeps, fuck tiktok dances, fuck instagram filters, fuck -- you're also ugly without a filter put it back on, fuck your anecdotes, I don't fucking care what or who you did today, fuck photographs of stacked pebbles, fuck your biased articles, fuck your dog no one cares that you adopted it, fucking hell don't post pictures of your troglodyte of a baby, fuck highschool reunions, fuck your protest event, fuck your kickstarter, fuck your sobstory, fuck everything.

    Generic social media is overrated.

    I actually wouldn't classify devRant primarily as social media.

    Unless you view Reddit and oldschool PHPBB forums also as social media... 🤔
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    @happygimp0 I know it is, your point?
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    @Nanos What I mean it's that with bulletin boards, usenet, forums, reddit and devRant it's about specific topics, not primarily about the person who is posting.

    Although I guess with devRant it's kind of a hybrid, because most rants are personal anecdotes 🤔

    Still. More of an asocial network.😁
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    > The trust fund baby with a daddy selected job

    I think we reached the point where everyone hates these people

    > The retarded veteran that continues to cry about a football player kneeling on a football match

    I'll never forgive fucksnoose for trying to use "muh patriotism" as a dogwhistle to divide the

    public on race. And then the whining from the perpetually flag-waving crowd about riots.

    Like motherfuckers, you ALLOWED CNN LITE (fox) to tell the entire black population of the u.s.

    that you were upset by an *actual* peaceful protest and itwas "a travesty, almost treason! shitting on the graves of dead veterans", so much it became a fever pitch so loud that you ignored ACTUAL LIVING VETERANS who said they completely supported the display.
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    Also I wasn't sympathetic at all to any of the leftwing at the time, and even then I could see it was absolute and utter horseshit to whine about players kneeling. For fucks sake, the very EXERCISE of ones rights, even in a "Sacred space" (lol) like football, should have given every a patriot-boner just from the very premise. Kneeling for an anthem or flag, in order to peacefully raise awareness for problems they wanted to highlight? Should been a unifying moment. Instead the news media fucked it all.

    I was really hoping during the riots, when they were storming CNN, that they also torched fox news with all the racebaiting journlists inside it. It would have been fitting, considering the media works so diligently to artificially make EVERY GOD DAMN ISSUE about race (or divide the public in such a way that it most cleanly divides along demographic lines).
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    It's disgusting and should be a felony. Don't know how, but it should be. I used to say the media needed regulated but I'm past that. It needs straight fucking broken up and former employees need charged under some sort of law involving incitement of riots/violence or creating a panic because thats essentially what they're guilty of. Journalists are the lowest sort of pondscum on earth.

    Lower than dogshit.

    > Mexican adults talking about American politics.....dude you live in FUCKING MEXICO your fucking president is a national MEME

    I get pretty tired of this too. Brits and south americans. Like, fix your own problems first. And britain, we fought a war to separate from their fuckstain king. They have no fucking say. You argue with them, they're like "we're a GLOBAL community now. Like it or not we should have a say in America too."
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    Like fuck no. Who told you fucking peasants, which is what the brits technically are, that you had any fucking say here? Our ancestors killed their ancestors because they fucked around and found out lololol.

    As for mexico, I'm sympathetic because I know a few of them, and its 100% the fault of u.s. intelligence and chinese drug traffiking. If anywhere needs a military intervention, its mexico.

    A lot of their people are straight up FLEEING the giant pseudo-militant thinly veiled "death squads" that the cartels have become, fuelled with CIA/FBI/CCP drug money. And its a fucking giant human ongoing tradegy is what it is. God damn do I hate the motherfuckers responsible for making all those people suffer under that garbage regime of tinpot mass murderers. I hate the cartels and their government down in my fucking bones.

    > the list continues, I hate social media.

    I know cancer comparisons are blase in 2021, but social media is fucking brain cancer on jet fuel.
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    @bittersweet "fuck fuck fuck fuck".

    "I'm buck and I'm here to fuck."

    100% agree man. 100%
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    @Nanos God damn is that a beautiful interface.
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    @Wisecrack holy shit, you're invited to the carne asada and drinks are on me! Awesome responses! 🍻
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    @AleCx04 Cheers and may the bourbon flow like water.

    I'll challenge anyone to a game of darts or pool. The former I'm actually good at.
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