I thought searching for Rust answers was slightly annoying, with that stupid survival game poisoning the search results.

But trying to find answers about C programming is definitely worse.

You can make fun of the Javascript kids with their silly flutterbutt, ultrasauce and wrinklesack library names, but at least it gives clear search results.

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    Say what you will about JavaScript, I can search up something dumb like "split string into array of words js" and get relevant results from SO and MDN
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    R’s not great for searches either. Kudos to companies that give their tech searchable names.
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    @10Dev Not to mention whatever you want to do there's examples on GitHub.
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    You have to go to a c++ site to find c answers...
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    It seems your google-fu is lacking. Your search request should be (similar for e.g. Rust and Go):

    C programming language your actual question
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    Read a book
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    "C" "programming" your question
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    1. if you're not getting relevant results for specific clearly programming-related searches, then your searches are not specific and not programming-related enough

    2. add "language" or "program(ming)" to the query

    3. let google spy on you more so that it can learn which "rust" you're looking for.
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    @Midnight-shcode As much as I hate this, Google makes good use of its knowledge when understanding your query and by letting it spy on you you can really build context that clears this kind of ambiguity.
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    I often have this issue.

    It isn't uncommon for search engines to be a bit sniffy when it comes to characters you are allowed to use in your search strings, which also doesn't help.

    As such I try to ask real people who can point me to an answer.

    Though often they say "google it", yeah I tried that mate !

    Some tell me better search terms to use, others say, they didn't know you couldn't search for that..

    And of course, what you could be searching for, doesn't exist. :-)

    For example, I was trying to find just yesterday how to fix a plumbing problem, but not finding anything, perhaps I wasn't using the right terms..

    I had a snapped off pipe with water coming out..

    Popping into a MMORPG and asking real people, got me an answer within 1 minute !

    Answer was = stick a rubber thing in the hole.

    I quick look in my hoard of civilisation revealed an old cut off tyre valve, so put a self tapping screw in the end of that, and wedged it in the joint end of the pipe.
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    y'all..... bittersweet is no newbie, he knows how to search. I too have come across the stupid game whrn searching for Rust things
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    @AleCx04 I did kill most of my braincells with booze due to pandemic boredom though.

    Soon I'll be using jQuery and free WordPress themes again.
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    <question> in C
    <question> in clang

    No way this would not work, try it.
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    @theabbie Clang is the name of a compiler though.

    But yeah, in general "programming how to <x> in c -c++" works.
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    @homo-lorens @Midnight-shcode you can have a different browser just.to Google about C if you need to. So you can use any other search tool normally.
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    You don’t know the pain of searching for answered related to the Ada language. (Might be better in Europe, because what clouds it up is the Americans with Disabilities Act)
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    @Fast-Nop for go they use golang so the board game and other irrelevant stuff does not stuff things up. I found this particularly important in looking for vacancies. As they lack context of the language itself. The ones with just Go where hard to find.
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