Piece of shit admin installed a chrome plugin which changed the new tab to no internet default image ... The whole office was pranked

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    As my employer deals with sensitive information (medical systems for the NHS), we have a strict "lock your fucking workstation if you're not at it" policy. First time offenders get a gentle warning, but after that, if someone sees your workstation unlocked and you're not sat there - it's free game (obviously provided you're not being irreversibly destructive).

    I think my favourite instance would be when someone left their machine unlocked and clocked out for the weekend, leaving us plenty of time to ghost their drive before wiping it and replacing their OS with "Hannah Montana Linux" (it's real, Google it. Keep eye bleach handy.)

    Edit: I should probably point out that not everything we do is so harsh, most of the time it's just a swift cenafy to the chrome.
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    Which plugin is this?? Gotta use this 😂
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    @conna He created his own , will ask for code
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    @NTripleOne in my last company I heard stories about similar occurences. Only people there sent emails to the whole team asking them out for a beer and offering to pay for everything.
    But the worst prank was when someone forgot to lock the screen for xth time, so a colleague sent email from his account to HR asking to reduce his wage by 10% because 'I love this company so much'. And they processed it and the poor guy could not get them to revert it.
    Just lock your PCs people
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    @heluvaguy did you get the codes?
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